About Us

Recognized as one of the Hampton’s premier builders of fine (exceptional) quality custom estates, Telemark construction specializes in new home, additions and renovations, home services, and renewable energy homes. The company enjoys a proud thirty year heritage and is headquartered in Bridgehampton, NY.

Having completed over five hundred projects and responsible for some of the most remarkable structures on eastern Long Island, the name Telemark has become synonymous with exceptional quality.

Green and Sustainable Building – Telemark has also been a leader in sustainable green building. The company pioneered the use of geothermal cooling systems , has been at the cutting edge of passive and active solar technologies, was an early adopter of engineered lumber , and has photo documented sustainable yield forestry and selective harvesting in the Amazon rain forest. Telemark’s leadership and commitment to green building goes back literally decades.

Exceptional quality and green building practices provide substantial benefits to our clients. The homes we build for our clients today are more conformable, healthy, use less energy, and have a smaller carbon footprint than what was possible in the past.

The Hamptons Green Alliance was recently created by Telemark and a group of five other leading building related firms. The alliance will provide information via its website, www.hamptonsgreenalliance.com, on how to make homes environmentally friendly, and build zero energy, carbon neutral homes.