The Telemark Difference

There are many quality builders on Eastern Long Island yet we at Telemark believe that there are many things that we do, that separate us from our competition.  We call these values and our use of best business practices, The Telemark Difference.


 The process of selecting a builder for a project can be a difficult, complex, and an inexact process. For this reason often people can become overwhelmed and may use a singular criterion for vendor selection such as price, perceived reputation, or a recommendation.  Though each of these factors are important, there are additional factors that measure the capabilities of a builder that will determine whether a building exceeding expectations will be the result of a project. 

The eight critical factors are:

  • Common Vision
  • Longevity and Commitment to Quality
  • Independent Third Party Recognition
  • Commitment to Service & Training
  • Control of Resources / Millwork/Painting/Carpentry
  • Efficiency in Internal Systems
  • Trust

Please take the time to review “The Telemark Difference”. It will share with you a unique perspective on what is really important in selecting a builder, and what you should expect from such a significant relationship.

Please downloadThe Telemark Difference”.