Green Elements

Most people want to do the right thing when it comes to reducing the amount of energy used by a residence and understand that the way their house is built can make a difference.

Integrated Green Building – At Telemark we consult with our clients early in the building process providing them with the information needed to make informed choices as it relates to building energy efficient homes.

Hamptons Green Alliance - Telemark recently formed the Hamptons Green Alliance in an effort to educate the public on practical methods which custom home builders can employ while building new homes that will use less energy. In addition, the group also focuses on the use of alternative energy sources and on minimizing the carbon footprint of new and existing homes.

As an experienced residential general contractor, Telemark along with our alliance members, have significant expertise in areas that include geo thermal heating and cooling, organic landscape management, solar energy production, insulation, and internet based control and monitoring of hot water, heating, lighting and security systems.

To learn more about how green elements can be included in projects ranging from small additions to major estate construction and renovations, please contact us.

β€œAll the hallmarks of the style are present-a complex roof line, multiple gables, and an integrated veranda-but here they seem simpler and more comprehensible.”

– Classic Home