New Home Construction in the Hamptons

For over 30 years, Telemark Inc. has been working with architects and clients in constructing new luxury homes that exceed our client’s expectations.

We are known for staying within budget and completing our project on time. We are totally transparent in our dealing with our clients and believe that a successful project requires a spirit of teamwork between the client, architect, and builder.

The word quality is often overused in the construction trade, yet it can mean different things to different people. At Telemark, we strive to earn the trust of our clients by delivering quality in different ways.

Quality you can feel

We at Telemark believe that Quality is something that can be felt. When one experiences the feeling of a Telemark house, one begins to understand the meticulous effort that goes into building a Telemark home.

Quality that gives you peace of mind

is a concept that is founded in the trust that we strive to build with our clients. A Telemark home is often a place where one goes to relax and enjoy this wonderful place we call the Hamptons. Telemark believes that being trusted and having a service based mentality is the foundation upon which our clients are truly able to enjoy their home.

Quality that delivers lasting value

Is a phrase that defines how our work product is perceived and valued by the market we serve. Telemark homes typically are sold for more money and in less time than similar homes. As an example of this, a Southampton Oceanfront Estate renovated by Telemark in 2006, sold quickly in March of 2008, setting a new Hamptons sales record. Visit our video to see why