Home Restorations in the Hamptons

Historic restoration takes patience, attention to detail, creativity, an understanding of old world building techniques, and an uncompromised desire to preserve our past.

Over our 30 year history as a home improvement contractor, Telemark Inc. has restored some of the most revered structures and luxury homes in the Hamptons. Though we have restored many homes of the past, preservation is quite another matter. The materials used must be consistent with those of the past, and the methods used during the preservation should be those used by the original builders.

Home Sweet Home in East Hampton and the east end’s eleven remaining windmills are among the most visible memories of our colonial past. As an example of our reputation for doing quality work, Telemark was selected as the firm to restore the exterior of Home Sweet Home and two windmills in Southampton.

Perhaps the best measure of success in a restoration or preservation is expert opinion.

Robert J Hefner made a notation in his book, Windmills of Long Island (published by Society for the Preservation of Long Island Antiquities and W.W. Norton and Company) when he presented it to Telemark. His note is written as follows:

“To Roy Dalene and everyone at Telemark Construction for a superb restoration of the Southampton Campus Windmill “

Bob Hefner