Carpentry Services in the Hamptons

At Telemark Service and Maintenance we define carpentry as a service performed by a skilled craftsman to create products such as buildings, furniture, cabinets and other products from wood.

We offer the following carpentry services:

  1. Framing: building the skeletal structure or framework of buildings
  2. Roofing: the installation of roof shingles
  3. Siding: the installation of shingles, wood or aluminum planks on the side of a structure
  4. Trim or finishes: molding, trim, doors, windows casing, mantles, baseboard and other types of ornamental work
  5. Doors & Windows: the installation of interior or exterior doors and windows
  6. Repairs: rebuilding existing structure in need of maintenance or repair

It sometimes takes days or even weeks just to get a carpenter to respond to a phone call in the Hamptons. TSM is just a phone call away.

For more information contact us @ 631-537-1600 ext 104.