Handyman Services in the Hamptons

Telemark Service and Maintenance provides a full range of Handyman Services that include:

  1. General repairs and maintenance
  2. Changing hoses on appliances
  3. Clean dryer vents
  4. Clean gutters
  5. Change door knobs
  6. Change door & window glass
  7. Change light bulbs
  8. Other tasks requested by homeowner

When our clients hire us for handyman services, they greatly benefit from the capabilities of TSM. Should one of our handymen require the assistance of a trade, our staff is responsible and accountable to see to it that all jobs are completed to our client’s satisfaction.

Because Telemark has a broad range of resources, we are able to take jobs that range from home maintenance and emergency repairs to major projects. At Telemark Service and Maintenance no job is too big or too small. We are just a phone call away and we strive to get the job done on time every time.

For more information contact us @ 631-537-1600 ext 104