Heritage, Mission & Values


Originating from the Scandinavian traditions of founders Hugo Dalene and his son Frank, Telemark, Inc. was named after their birthplace in Telemark County, Norway. The Bridgehampton based construction firm was named in honor of their heritage and a unique culture known throughout the world for exceptional work ethic and quality craftsmanship found in each home they build. Over thirty five years and joined by another son, Roy, Telemark has built a reputation as one of the leading construction companies on the eastern end of Long Island known as the Hamptons, also in the country and throughout the world. Their pride and dedication to skill, craftsmanship and exceptional quality has caused them to stand out and at times stand alone in this competitive industry. They are known for their loyalty and trust, most noted by their clients who have put their confidence in them throughout the years. Telemark homes exhibit a level of excellence and superior quality that is seen and also felt with all senses. With a well maintained home, their clients benefit from higher values and homes that are built to last a hundred years or more. As Telemark continues to be innovative, and encourage sustainable technologies in their building practices, they will emphasize what they do best; creating an environment that is naturally pure, visually beautiful and custom built to suit the needs of a distinguished clientele.

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Our Mission

We are a family of construction related companies dedicated to serving our clients in various aspects of the construction industry with a commitment to the principle that success is achieved when integrity, ethics, and craftsmanship are held in their highest regard. We will preserve our reputation based on this principle, which is evident in the services we provide, the products we produce and the people we employ.

OUR Values

There exists in our company a proud Scandinavian heritage of accomplishment and excellence together with a commitment to understand our client’s interest.    

- Mutually beneficial relationships are the greatest asset acquired by a business. 

- There is an inseparable relationship between budget, schedule and quality in every project. 

- Technological advancement alters the landscape of business. 

- Our associations extend beyond our business world into our local and global community.