Energy Audits

To get a reservation number please fill out this form on the NYSERDA website (Click Here)


Step by Step Process: 

After you have received your reservation number from NYSERDA call us at 631.537.1600 to schedule an appointment for us to come and preform an audit on your home.

Before our arrival - Please:

  • Have the last year's utility bills on hand  
  • Do not use your fireplace 24 hours prior to the audit
  • And if you have a copy of your survey handy it would be helpful


Upon arrival: We like to meet with the homeowner to go through the house and collect as much information about the home as we can. We will ask questions such as when was your home built? Was there any work done recently? Are there any leaks that you know about? Do you ever get water in the basement? Are there some rooms that are too hot or too cold? Does anyone in the household tend to get sick during the heating months (Headaches, Nausea)?   

After we are done meeting with the homeowner we will start the audit:

  •  We will do an Exterior Inspection (Take footprint measurements and pictures)
  • Then an Interior Inspection. While we do the interior inspection we will set the home to its winter-time condition (shut all the doors and windows).
  • Third, we will inspect the Attic and then the Basement/Crawl Space where accessible.
  • We will then begin testing all Combustion Appliances (Boiler, furnace, oven, etc.) to make sure that the home appliances are running safely and efficiently.
  •  We will then be ready to perform the blower door test.  This test will let us know how much air is being exchanged with the outside conditions.  While the fan is on we will check different rooms, electrical outlets, high hats, etc.
  • After completion of the audit we will set the house to the state that we found it in and go over some of the things we found. Within two weeks of the audit we will produce a CHA report that sums up what we found and includes a Savings to Investment Ratio.